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I know what it’s like to see people with straight, fine hair and be completely jealous. To be envious of their adorable, effortless pixie cuts or their gorgeous, long, silky locks. Their perfect bobs and their easy bangs. Having had ridiculously curly hair all my life, I also know what it’s like to dread the summer heat and carry bobby pins in a holster. Many people are shocked when they see my hair down because I usually go through the day-to-day with it pulled up into a bun, the easiest way to manage it.

My hair stylists growing up never told me about my curls, how to manage them, what products to use, nada. They also weren’t experts in cutting curly hair. Most of my trips to the salon growing up ended with the words, “Let’s see what happens.” My current stylist knows how to cut my hair after years of experimentation and trial & error. Curl experts are like a white elk: impossible to find.

However, thanks to cityofwords, I’ve found a site that caters to all types of curly hair AND EVEN GIVES THEM A LEVEL SYSTEM. Every curl type is different and requires a different regiment. The above pictures were taken from the site’s “Curl Pattern” section under the Hair Types tab, which explains each level in great detail, how to manage it, how to style it, products to use, etc.

The site is called, and is a treasure trove of advice, style tips, product recommendations, salon reviews, discussion forums, and general information about curly hair. I can’t believe I didn’t know about this shit sooner. Do you have any idea how many hideous hair styling attempts I could’ve spared the world?

Go forth, my wild-haired babies, and learn about your hair. 

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  20. ladeedahlia said: I have a curl expert in LA. Next time you visit, visit him. He costs $200, but you only need to see him three times a year (if you’re trying to grow your hair out, anyway), and he is so worth it.
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